B2Kapital Finance IFN S.A.  was established in 2018 and provides financial services according to its license, in particular consumer loans management, offering a flexible approach and win- win solutions.

High quality of our services: In all our activities, we focus on high quality services for our clients and partners. At B2Kapital Finance IFN, as a subsidiary of the B2Holding Group, we have the information and skills necessary to provide the best financial services and the most efficient solutions.

Our strengths:

  • Trustful partner: We are a fair and reliable partner
  • Our expertise: We share expertise, information, and best practices and standards of ethical conduct. For a solid development, we focus on attracting valuable human resources with most relevant knowledge and adequate experience.
  • Flexibility and care for our Customers: We offer flexible solutions that take into account the individual circumstances, interests and rights of all our clients.
  • Trust and Integrity: The ethical and professional standards of all our management and employees are demonstrated daily and are crucial to our clients and partners