B2Kapital IFN

Aiming to provide you with our support, in accordance with the provisions of the Emergency Ordinance no. 37/2020 regarding the granting of facilities for loans granted by credit institutions and non-bank financial institutions to certain categories of borrowers, in force since 30.03.2020, we inform you on the following communication channels to which you can contact us to send us your requests:

Email: office@b2kapitalifn.ro

Phone: 0370509989

Correspondence address (for sending requests via mail service): No. 4 Vasile Alecsandri and no. 11 C-tin Daniel street, Building C, 2nd floor, 1st District, Bucharest.

Dedicated phone number: (Given the legal requirement to record telephone conversations, this communication channel is not available at this time and will be published later as soon as all necessary measures are implemented)

Please be informed that, according to the applicable legal requirements, in case you contact us by calling the indicated phone number, the conversations will be recorded. Details on the conditions for processing your data during these calls can be consulted by accessing the link below: GDPR Privacy Notice regarding Call-centre Activities