About Us

B2Kapital Finance IFN S.A.  is a non – banking financial institution, registered with the National Bank of Romania within General Registry of Non-banking Financial Institutions under no. RG-PJR-41-110337 0 02.08.2018, as an entity conducting professional lending operations under the Law 93/2009 and NBR Regulation 20/2009 on Non-banking Financial Institutions.

B2Kapital Finance IFN S.A.  was established in 2018 and provides financial services according to its license, in particular consumer loans management, offering a flexible approach and win- win solutions.

We are part of the B2Holding Group (B2Holding ASA) – a Leading Pan – European Debt Specialist located in Norway  and thanks to its international experience, as well as our expertise, professionalism and flexibility to the market conditions we ensure speed and efficiency to the various financial service requirements.

B2Holding ASA is incorporated and registered in Norway and is subject to Norwegian law. The B2Holding shares are listed on Oslo Børs.

The Group has full operations in 23 European countries and offices in two additional countries, including the head office located in Oslo. More details on the countries in which the B2Holding Group operates can be found in the section: Markets.

Our approach and business principles

  • Fairness with clients and stakeholders
  • Compliance with the laws, regulations and applicable business standards
  • Open communication and transparency
  • Protect customers and data protection
  • Transparent relationship with authorities
  • Openness in all reporting
  • Maintain objectivity
  • No abuse of power in business
  • Strict neutrality
  • No discrimination or harassment
  • Zero tolerance with bribery or corruption


Ciprian Marinescu